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Body Butters

Our unique, antioxidant-enriched butter relieves dry skin with a blend of organic skin-revitalizing and skin-repairing ingredients that work together to provide optimal results so your skin looks and feels smoother and HEALTHIER than ever. It’s rich and silky texture and light luxurious fragrance makes skin feel nourished and moisturized, feeding skin tissue with healthy fats and plenty of powerful vitamins and antioxidants. Try our Cocoa Shea if you prefer a naturally scented option or if you are sensitive to scents.
With consistent use our butters will help to restore your skin’s vitality and exuberance…putting you on a path to Gesonde skin!

MELT WARNING!! The delicate formulation of our handmade, all-natural butters causes them to be sensitive to changes in temperature, therefore some softening or melting of the product may occur during transit in warm weather or if left in hot mailboxes. We are not able to control either of these variables, but we do not want to discontinue the product during the warmer months. You may purchase AT YOUR OWN RISK! The quality and healing properties of our products are not affected by melting. If melting does occur, simply give it a stir, place in the refrigerator until solid, and enjoy!

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